Businesses around The County are experiencing staff shortage

Published: Apr. 13, 2021 at 2:04 PM EDT
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Aroostook County , Maine (WAGM) - There has been an increase in help wanted signs through the county. Businesses have had to cut hours due to not having enough staff. News Source 8 Adriana Sanchez has the story.

“Its hard to find help right now, I have help wanted signs out right now , we’ve done ads on Facebook and we’ve literally not had applications in over a month and I’ve talked to other business owners and they suffer the same thing,”said Dale Shannon.

He’s the owner of Shannons Home Style Variety. He explains he has had to cut store hours due to a lack of staff. He has also had to work 15-16 hour days himself.

“We chose to close on Sunday so that everyone gets to have one full day off and the other part is the staff we do have one girl is working split shifts. She’ll come mid-morning work until the afternoon, go home for a few hours and then come back. You know we’re hoping we can hire somebody and eliminate that,” added Shannon.

Nursing homes in the county are also struggling to have enough staff. In some cases it’s made nursing homes limit the amount of residents they can admit to their facility.

“I’m not certain if many people have moved away but the shortage is worse this year than I have ever seen it before, I’m sure Covid has had a part of it. I also think some of the government program of expanding unemployment benefits, increasing unemployment benefits has resulted in fewer people looking for work,” said Philip Cyr, Administrator of Caribou Rehab & Nursing Center.

“I know there’s a lot of unemployment money out there and extra benefits they seem to be getting out of unemployment and of course the stimulus checks. You know when I sit back and look at it , I think if I was getting enough money and can sustain myself and not work maybe I wouldn’t work for a while, maybe I’ll take some time off so I think people are affected by too many benefits at the moment they don’t need to go out and work,” said Shannon.

Anyone looking for a job can find local job openings by visiting and

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