Caribou students had the chance to talk to Astronaut Jessica Meir

Published: Apr. 14, 2021 at 11:55 AM EDT
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Caribou, Maine (WAGM) - It’s been almost a year since Caribou native Jessica Meir returned from her time aboard the International Space Station.

Today Caribou students had the chance to ask the Astronaut any questions they had and find out what she’s up to now. News Source 8 Adriana Sanchez has the story.

During this virtual call, students in grades k-8 and in High school had the chance to personally ask her any question they had.

“When you left space on the ride back to earth did it take you a long time to get adjusted to earths gravity? asked a K-8 student. Meir responded, “Yeah another great question so we talk about how different it is and all the different experiments there we do to see what happens to us in space without gravity but you don’t but yes its more difficulty to come back.”

A high school student asked, “George is wondering if you’ve ever worked with the new Space X suits?”

She responded by giving the students an insight on what project she is working on now. Meir responded, “Yeah great question I’m glad you asked that, because its not something I’ve talked about yet and that’s my new job actually when we come back to the office we all work a different job on the ground supporting another group working here at NASA. So my job is now the assistant chef to the astronaut for all things relating to Space X.”

Meir also talked about her time living in space. How she ate, worked out and the science experiments they did.

“We did life space experiment sin this glove box so that we can contain everything, and a lot of physiological experiments trying to see how the space flight and micro gravity effect the human body. This is our minus 80 freezer so if we need to contain some blood samples frozen or things like that we do so in this facility right there,” said Meir.

She says speaking with students in Caribou is always a special moment.

“It means so much to me talking to my hometown , my school system. It’s such a more powerful connection when you can identify in something when somebody is talking to you. I hope you remember I was right there right where you are now, sitting in those same classrooms doing the same thing you guys do now on the weekends after school, that was my life before now,” she said.

Meir spent 205 days in space. Her expedition started pm September 25th of 2019 and went until April 17th of 2020.

Adriana Sanchez NewsSource 8

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