SAHS Baseball team adds two Houlton players to Cooperative team

Published: Apr. 14, 2021 at 10:41 AM EDT
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The SAHS Warriors will have a couple of Houlton baseball players on their team this year. Houlton did not have enough players to field a team. RSU 50 school board voted to allow the cooperative team between SAHS and Houlton at their School Board meeting. This isn’t the first time the schools have competed as a co op team. Several Southern Aroostook players have joined forces with the Houlton Hodgdon Hockey team and the Houlton football team.

(Todd Collier):” It’s an opportunity for the kids to play baseball and we are glad to take anybody who wants to play.”

The two Houlton players fit right in with the Warriors at their first practice today. Many of the team members know each other either as teammmates or competing against each other in other sports. Chris Caswell and Andrew Lewis played football with Houlton Nolan Hodgkins

(Chris Caswell):”They didn’t have a full team this year and it kind of helps us out because they are good atheltes.”

(Andrew Lewis):”It was pretty cool actually. I thought it was nice that our school agreed to take them. They are really good ball players.”

(Nolan Hodgkins):”We are not all strangers. I have played against some of them in other sports and I know a couple of them from playing with them in football.

The players all agree that this is a great opportunity to play along side each other and also to give a couple of student athletes who would not have been able to take the field this year a chance to play the sport they love

Garett Harvey):” I was excited to hear we were able to play. After missing last year it would have been hard to miss another year.”

Hodgkins:” We just feel very fortunate to be able to play.”

The Cooperative team will still meet the enrollment numbers to compete in Class D. The players are all looking forward to a successful season.

Hodkins:” I think we will have good team and make a deep playoff run.”

Caswell:” I hope we have a good team and they will help make it better.”

Lewis:” I think we are going to have a good team. Garett is a really good pitcher.”

Collier:” After a year off we should have a pretty good team. We have four good left handed pitchers and two good right handed pitchers.”

Collier knows that the team will get to know each other and will form a very cohesive unit.

Collier:” They play sports against each other and some of the kids play Houlton football. Everybody gets a long. Everybody is a Warrior once they step onto this diamond.”

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