Maine’s northern most golf course has its earliest opening

Published: Apr. 15, 2021 at 6:56 PM EDT
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Fort Kent , Maine (WAGM) - It’s hard to believe that the Most northern Golf course in Maine is now open for the season. Fort Kent Golf Club has the tees set up and the flags in the hole as they celebrate an early opening.

(Mike Voisine):” We are really three weeks ahead of last year and probably two weeks ahead of most other years. What is nice about this year is it’s dry dry everywhere so we are putting carts out on the course. All the green are in spectacular shape we have been fortunate.”

Voisine normally has a little more time to move from his job at Lonesome Pine Ski Area to the Golf Course, but this year it was a whirlwind changeover.

Voisine:” We were skiing ten days ago and today we are going to golf. That is pretty neat.”

The parking lot was busy and golfers were ready to play the first round of the year. 87 year Old Phil Pelletier Sr says this is the earliest he has seen the course open. He remembers it opening on April 17th one year. He is just happy to be back on the tee box

(Phil Pelletier):” Feels great I have been blessed is the way it feels to me anyway.”

Pat Labbe and Louis Moreau picked right up where they left off last year giving each other grief and enjoying their earliest round of golf ever on the course.

(Pat Labbe):” My dad taught me to play golf on this course probably 55 years ago and I am telling yoiu it is so nice to be out here on April 15th. It is like the middle of summer over here "

(Louie Moreau):” My son golfs at Natanis and he has been golfing about 3 weeks and he is not golfing much earlier than we are. This is a bonus.”

Bonus golf for the club and members.

Voisine:” Normally it is hard to say yes, but this year the grounds are perfect. The greens are immaculate it is beautiful.”

Labbe:” It’s like we are going to get an extra three or four weeks of play.”

For Pelletier it was another ho hum day on the golfing with Bert Roy. Hitting the drive right now the middle almost every time.

Pelletier:” I will hit it straight and you will be Bert. Not on distance,I might be him with a little bit of luck.”

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