Tammy Landeen rings the bell at the Adaptive Training Foundation

Published: Apr. 22, 2021 at 10:18 AM EDT
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CARIBOU, Maine (WAGM) - Carribou’s Tammy Landeen has just returned from nine days at the Adaptive Training Foundation in Carrollton, Texas Take a look at what happened on the final day.

Video Courtesy Adaptive Training Foundation:”I am going to flip this around in a second and show you Tammy Landeen she is walking for the first time since 2005. She has pushed a tank across the gym floor. She is on her way to ring the bell for the first time. Ready to check this out and cheer her on.”

Come on come on there it is. Ring that bell. Yes!!

Tammy Landeen:” They had me up and walking I hadn’t done that in 15 years.”

The Adaptive Training Foundation was started by former NFL player David Vobora. The ATF works with adaptive athletes to bridge the gap from basic functional rehabilitation to adaptive sport. Landeen says they pinpoint specific areas to work on.

Landeen:” It was mind blowing I had been in my chair 15 years I have some muscles I basically forgot about. They are muscles that are there, but they don’t fire correctly. I really haven’t tried to use them. When I got the Adaptive Training Foundation they said we are going to work these muscles because you have them and you need to know how to use them.”

Landeen says that what she learned at ATF will help her in her bid for a spot on the US Para Bobsled team.

Landeen:” My emotional, my mindset, breath control. Different techniques that are also going to help in that tremendously fast 58 seconds that I am on that track. I now know proper breath control and how to make sure my mind is connected properly to my body so that I can be a more productive athlete.”

ATF also offers intense 9 week workouts and Landeen says that is now on her list of things that she needs to do.

Landeen:” I don’t know where that is going to fit into my calendar, but with the amazing progress and education that I got in nine days I can’t even imagine how much more I can learn in a nine week program.”

Come on there it is there it is yes yes yes yes.

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