Senator Collins & Senator Kings reaction to the Presidents Infrastructure Plan

Published: Apr. 28, 2021 at 11:21 AM EDT
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WASHINGTON (WAGM) - Now that President Biden’s Coronavirus relief package has passed, he has laid out his next big proposal- an estimated 2 trillion-dollar Infrastructure plan. Adriana Sanchez spoke to Senators King and Collins about their thoughts behind this 2 trillion dollar plan.

Broadband is a key element for Senator Angus King in the infrastructure plan. He was part of the bipartisan group that met at the White House to discuss what should be included.

“For me the most essential piece is broadband. That’s the biggest gap we have in Maines infrastructure particularity in places like Aroostook County, rural Penobscot county , Piscataquis county, Hancock, Washington - that’s where broadband is really essential and we learned during the pandemic that you know kids can’t connect to school, seniors cant connect to tele-health. People can’t work from home if they don’t have a decent broadband connection, so having broadband in the pkg is an absolute for me,” said King.

Senator Susan Collins three main concerns about President Biden’s plan is what is being counted as infrastructure, how its to be paid for and the cost.

“So I think we need to look at all three of those areas but what we should start with is more limited more traditional infrastructure package that would help us repair our roads, our bridges, our airports our seaports our rail-beds and also this is so important to Aroostook county extend broadband. If there’s anything we learned from this pandemic is how important broadband be available everywhere for tele-medicine, working at home, hybrid schooling -broadband is absolutely essential” said Collins.

In President Biden’s proposal, he would like to increase the corporate income tax rate from 21% to 28%, as one way to pay for this plan.

”But maybe there’s a comprise,the President said let’s take it to 21% from 28% used to be 35% and you know maybe there’s a number between 21 and 28 that can be served as a comprise but that remains to be seen were at the very early stages,” explained King.

“I think that can drive jobs to overseas but I do think a modest increase would be acceptable if it’s invested into Infrastructure,” added Collins.

According to the IRS Commissioner one trillion dollars in taxes goes uncollected yearly. Senator King says these uncollected funds can be a way to pay for this plan. Senator Collins says one way to pay for this can be with electric cars, by implementing a miles traveled assessment since they are not paying for gas.

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