ACAP and Shaw House have secured grant funds to help and prevent youth homelessness

Published: May. 6, 2021 at 2:12 PM EDT
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Aroostook County, Maine (WAGM) - ACAP has partnered up with Shaw House in Bangor to try to fight the youth homelessness crisis the country is experiencing. Adriana Sanchez has the story.

ACAP and Shaw House have been awarded $1.58 million dollars in grant funds to create program that will help and prevent youth homelessness right here in the county.

“This is huge for a county like Aroostook County or any of the rural counties in northern eastern Maine that are fortunate enough to receive this funding, So the opportunity to really serve individuals and youth especially in this capacity is something that our two agencies knew was a need and now we have the opportunity to not only do something substantially about it but to be used as a national model to advance this work nationwide,” said Jason Parent, CEO of ACAP.

Aroostook County does not have shelter for youth who are homeless, with this funding they will work with landlords to secure affordable apartments.

“There definitely are youth who are homeless in Aroostook County and Washington County and through whatever means they migrate to places like the Shaw house so having facilities in Aroostook County for youth is something that’s long over due,” said David McCluskey, Executive Director of Shaw House.

Not only are both these organizations going to help give a roof over youths heads but also help them with their future.

“What we’re really trying to do is make sure their needs are meet and make sure they have success moving forward because all too often what happens is someone of a younger who experiences homelessness who gets trapped in an unfortunate situation like this it determines part of their trajectory moving forward in life, so what were really hoping is to change that path moving forward,” said Parent.

The plan is for programs to start by mid-summer.

Adriana Sanchez News Source 8

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