Home plate umpires adapt to change

Published: May. 6, 2021 at 1:16 PM EDT
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PRESQUE ISLE, Maine (WAGM) -High School baseball umpires have had to make a major adjustment this year. The home plate umpire is now located behind the pitchers mound. County rules interpreter Bill Casavant says the Aroostook Board is adapting the change.

Bill Casavant:” Nobody has every umped home plate from beyond the mound. It’s different that way and you are a lot further away than when you are behind the catcher. The angle is different standing out that way and your coverage is different.

Casavant says the umpires have to communicate with each other to make sure they are covering the entire field.

Casavant:” Having not had that kind of rotation ever you have to communicate verbally a lot. The base umpire has to tell the plate guy he is going to plate and the guy out front has the infield bases.”Before the season started Casavant gave each local umpire a paper with every scenario

Casavant:” I gave them about a 20 page handout with field diagrams and tried to cover all the scenarios that you could have.”

While things are running relatively smoothly, Casavant said, that many umpires were not in favor of having the home plate ump behind the mound and that he hopes this is just a temorary change

Casavant:” I just hope it is a one year thing. This is the only time we are going to have to do it this way and we will go back and umpire the way that everyone was taught to umpire.”

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