What are the signs and symptoms of a stroke?

Updated: Jun. 1, 2021 at 1:52 PM EDT
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PRESQUE ISLE, Maine (WAGM) -May is stroke awareness month. But how can you tell if someone is having a stroke? On this week’s Medical Monday, Megan Cole has more on the symptoms and cause of a stroke.

Ever notice your face drooping or weakness in your arms that came on suddenly? It could be a stroke.

“You’re looking for face do you have drooping in your face. You’re thinking A which is arms you know are you weak in the arms can you lift your arms like you typically can or do. You’re thinking speech are you able to make sentences are you slurred.”

“Ideally you’d get to the hospital within three hours even up to four and a half hours but in certain scenarios say you went to bed fine and woke up and all of a sudden couldn’t move and you still have some hope of recovery even at 24 hours if you get to the hospital fast enough there are other things that we can do.”

The doctors say there are there are different types of strokes.

“There are two kinds of strokes. Blood clots being the most common the other types of stroke is bleeding into the brain. Obliviously the treatment for either of those is completely different so it’s important to get to the hospital as soon as possible so we can figure out which one it is.”

“An extra type of stroke that a lot of people don’t talk about or that people need to is the TIA. So we talk about ischemic strokes and we talk about hemorrhagic strokes but then a lot of people have some symptoms and then they resolve within 24 hours and they go oh I’m fine but a lot of times that literally tells you that you could actually have potentially have another stroke.”

Dr. White says that while the face, arms, speech are common signs of a stroke, there can be other symptoms as well.

“Anything can be a stroke. Just remember the FAST mnemonic the face, the arms, the speech but there are other things too issues with balance dizziness, headaches, vision changes, all of those things could potentially be strokes.”

If you suspect that you or someone you know is having a stroke, call 911.

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