Businesses and organizations in need of seasonal workers

Updated: Jun. 11, 2021 at 7:46 PM EDT
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PRESQUE ISLE, Maine (WAGM) -Seasonal workers have been hard to come by for some businesses and organizations in the County. News source 8 reporter Megan Cole spoke with the director of communication for the department of Agriculture, conservation and forestry and has more on what they’re doing to get the help they need.

Recreation centers and parks are some of the many places where people can get seasonal work. However, some have noticed a dip in applications.

“Not surprisingly it is a little slow this year but truthfully seasonal work typically or historically is hard to come by and coming out of the pandemic it’s no surprise it appears to be a very common occurrence across all sectors.”

Jim Britt is the director of communications for the department of agriculture, conservation and forestry. He says that they’ve been advertising the positions via social media and also through other means.

“For us the very best employee comes from friends of friends you know so we really do a lot of work letting the recipients of our newsletters in the form of updates on our parks or the bureau of parks and lands and others just reminding them that we have positions and they’re great positions.”

“We actually filled all of our positions I probably have somewhere between a dozen and 15 high schoolers and a couple older ones- a college kid and an older person to be our rec supervisor. We also hired a full time position for the summer doing ground maintenance.”

Jason Nadeau is the director of Fort Kent Parks and Rec and says that he is fortunate to have all his summer staff. He says that he has been pointing people in the directions of jobs if they’re looking.

“Yeah anytime a local businesses let me know they’re hiring, people have called me I’ve forwarded names and places to look to other people that have approached me for jobs. "

Britt says that there is some concern if they don’t get these positions filled.

“If we were not able to fill an adequate number of positions that creates exactly what you think it would create..extra stress on employees, creates scenarios where there might not be coverage in an area where you want coverage. But you know our fingers are crossed and together our cumulative effort is gonna get the word out and attract great people. "

If you’re interested in a seasonal position, Britt says to look at the department of agriculture, conservation and forestry website.

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