Jessica Meir spoke with Chief Scientist of the Ocean Conservancy based in California

Updated: Jun. 11, 2021 at 1:19 PM EDT
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Maine (WAGM) - Caribou Native Astronaut Jessica Meir spoke through zoom with the Chief Scientist of the Ocean Conservancy based in California. News Source 8 reporter Adriana Sanchez has more on what topics were covered and why this conversation took place.

Astronaut Jessica Meir is well known for her space adventure, but less known for her other passions.  One of those other passions is for the ocean.   Because of this passion, Meir recently spoke with Chief Scientist George Leonard from the Ocean Conservancy on a global issue, climate change.

In the interview, George Leonard the Chief Scientist asked, “From both the planetary perspective and an ocean perspective climate change is the big extensional threat out here and I’m wondering as you circled the planet and seen it from a distance how has that changed your perspective on climate change in particular and how we comfort this planetary threat?”

Meir responded, “When it comes to climate change it’s a responsibility we all have and its not just us protecting our own little micro climate here in the United States we know that what we do what we know what goes in the atmosphere has ramification for the rest of the planet as well so everyone need to take responsibility for their actions.”

The goals of this conversation between Meir and Leonard were to talk about big global problems in the ocean, reach new people, and add new voices into the ocean conversation.

“So for example we think we can reach a whole new set of folks who will or probably become interested in the ocean by first starting to talk about space with Jessica and then bringing her ocean experience into it,” said Leonard.

Meir also took the opportunity to talk about the recent efforts NASA has made to help with the issue of climate change.

“and just in May this past month we’ve seen earth systems observatory … and that was purpose between the white house and NASA in looking all these different climate variables – extreme weather, climate resiliency adaption and ….. looking at aerosols cloud confection, perception all these perimeters that shape our atmosphere that shape all our weather cycles on our climate so that’s really exciting that we have this new NASA initiative,” said Meir.

To watch the full interview you can visit Off the Earth, for the Earth, a World Ocean Day Conversation

Adriana Sanchez NewsSource 8

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