bluShift’s next launch won’t be in The County but they do have plans to visit

Updated: Jun. 15, 2021 at 12:00 PM EDT
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PRESQUE ISLE, Maine (WAGM) - bluShift AeroSpace, the Brunswick based Aerospace Company was set to make another launch in the county, but now has different plans. NewsSource 8 Adriana Sanchez caught up with CEO on the reason behind this and what their future plans are.

bluShift made history earlier this year when they launched the first commercial rocket powered by derived fuel right here in the county. CEO Sascha Deri says they had planned to do their next launch here again but due to some circumstances they will not be doing so.

“Because of just really resource constraints we decided we needed to cut that Stardust 2.0 launch and just focus on purely Starless rouge ‘launch,” said Deri.

The plan for Starless Rouge to be launched is late spring, early summer of 2022. But Deri says this is only a step into the bigger picture.

“Then do a full all the way to space launch by the end of summer next year and that’ll be our full complete commercial space launch services and if that goes well we will qualify what’s called the NASA Space Flight Opportunities program and that provides us a good source of high paying customers to do regular launches off the coast of Maine here,” said Deri.

Although their next launch wont be in the county, they do have some plans to visit.

“We’re working with somebody to fly a plane all the way up to the county because we need to test out our RS System our radio transmission systems between what will be our ground system and what will be on the rocket and actually flying up to the County is the distance we need to cover to test that out,” said Deri.

Deri says these rocket launches are not only an advancement for the company but will help with the economy in Maine.

“When we launch from the rural part of Washington County on a warmer day through spring through fall that we’ll see similar increase in tourism for the Washington County. Where we’ll launch and you’ll be able to see the launch not only from where were located but on peninsulas parallel to the ones where were launch from so I think it’s actually going to be an additional tourist attractor for the county,” said Deri.

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