Ashland Hornets prepare for States: Their slogan “No days off”

Updated: Jun. 18, 2021 at 10:08 AM EDT
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ASHLAND, Maine (WAGM) - The Class D Champion Ashland Hornets softball team arrived back home after midnight. The players were up bright and early on Thursday for the final day of classes and then had a motorcade through town. Coach Terry Hunter told the team they could have the day off, they said no way we want to practice so less than 12 hours after getting back into Ashland the team was on the practice field again.

(Terry Hunter):” I told them it is a short time span here if you want the day off I will give it to you. They were adamant they wanted to practice today. Here we are getting ready.”

(Hailee Cunningham):” It’s really important for us being together as a team for the seniors. These are our last two practices and we are more than a team we are family. It was really important.”

Last night’s game with Stearns was a memorable one. The Hornets led throughout most of the game taking an early lead , but Stearns came back and took a 7-5 lead in the top of the seventh. The Hornets players said they knew the could come back and win. Willow Hall started off the inning with a single.

(Willow Hall):” I didn’t see any discouragement on the bench or in the field. I just saw everybody get us going again.”

(Danni Carter):” We thought we could make it and we proved that we could. We just put all of our heart in it and the outcome was for us.”

(Jamie Poulin):” I knew we were going to do it. I knew it. The second they were getting those hits I didn’t get down for one second because I knew that we can hit and we had last ups and we took advantage of our running.”

The Hornets have had fan support all season long with huge crowds at many of their home games. Kaitlyn Ferro says the fan support was a big boost for the team

(Kaitlyn Ferro):” Even during the week when we figured people would be at work an enormous amount of people would show up. It would feel so nice because we were so greatful that a softball game that might not be so important to the people who have jobs and they make time for it. It makes us want to play a good game. It makes us want to win.”

The team is a very tight knit group and the five seniors and coach all agree that the squad was very hungry this year after having last season cancelled.

Hunter:” Everyone of them comes to practice. I have never seen a team that was so dedicated. They never miss practice. They are always here and always willing to learn something new.”

Cunningham:” After losing last season I think we wanted to rally this year. We knew that everybody had the talent and just putting it all together. Seeing our hard work pay off is amazing.”

Hornets will play Searsport on Saturday at 12 noon at the Brewer High School Field. The veteran coach has been in the State game before and says that he will tell the players to enjoy the experience.

Hunter:” Being down there and enjoying that whole experience. Win lose or draw whatever you think it might be. It’s a great experience for the kids and of course they want to win and I do too. That is why we are here and we are going to work hard to try and do that.”

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