The staff and students of Wisdom High School celebrated a retiring custodian in a special way

Updated: Jun. 18, 2021 at 6:56 PM EDT
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PRESQUE ISLE, Maine (WAGM) -The staff and students of Wisdom High School celebrated a retiring custodian in a special way. Here’s Megan Cole with what they did.

The cheering is for longtime bus driver and custodian Don Clapp who is retiring.

“This is amazing! I mean I didn’t expect this at all this was really good, really good. Moved here from Massachusetts in ’79. And I started here in ’80, left for 16 years came back cause I really liked it here so figured I’d finish out my career here.”

Students say they are glad to be able to do this because he has been such a big part of their lives.

“He really a pep in his step, he says good morning to everyone, he’s really kind hearted to a lot of people and I know that he’s leaving and it’s gonna be very sad. I think it’s gonna hurt a lot of people but you know we’re gonna miss him.” Said Jacob Daigle.

“We all made posters. Yeah we just made a bunch of posters for him and just thanked him for everything he’s done for our school.” Said Sam Roy

“He’s been driving me since really young so it’s nice to show appreciation towards him cause he’s a really great guy and helped us through a lot of stuff throughout our years here.” Said Carter Pelletier.

While the students and staff are happy for him, they are also sad to see him go.

" He has worked so hard and for him to finally have the summers off and to have that break and sit back and enjoy his and his children, his grandchildren so I’m really happy for him but it’s gonna be a big loss for us. We won’t have him smiling in the halls and pulling jokes and singing old songs.: said Kathy Theriault.

“His presence here. He just brings a smile to peoples faces and he’s done that for so many years so we just wish him the best in his retirement.” Said Scott Pelletier.

“Though he’s not officially retiring today. It just knows that the end is coming and it makes me a little bit sad for our building and our community and what we’re losing with his retirement.” Said Ralph Fantasia.

Clapp will be retiring at the end of June.

Officials are reminding people to abide by the move over law as a firefighter was seriously injured when a vehicle hit them.

Officer Tyler Seeley of Presque Isle Police says that it’s important for people to move over so everyone is safe while they’re on scene.

Tyler: Just the importance is wanna protect either the police, the fire, the EMS that are on scene, the tow truck drivers that come out. I mean they’re right in the middle of the road just like us so everyone wants to get home at the end of the day and at the same time I mean if you’re driving through fast it could hurt you and at the end of the day the driver has to get home at the end of the day too.

Officer Seeley adds that the fine for someone not moving over is $355. He adds that if you can’t move over, stop or drive by at slow, prudent speeds and proceed with caution.

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