Presque Isle Graduate works at Women’s College World Series

Published: Jun. 23, 2021 at 10:03 AM EDT
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A Presque Isle High School grad just wrapped up a stint as an Athletic Trainer at the women’s College World Series.. Laurin Ackerson Goupille says this was her second time working the event.

:Laurin Ackerson Goupille:” I was there in 2016 with the Alabama softball team as a student trainer. It was cool to be there again on the other side of things. It’s crazy to me because I played softball growing up and all through high school. I watched the Women’s College World Series on TV and watched every single game.”

Ackerson Goupille said that she always knew she wanted to pursue a career in the medical field and after working with Wildcats Athletic Trainer Andy Helstrom who helped her come back from a couple of injuries decided on pursing a career as an Athletic Trainer.

Ackerson Goupille:” Kind of seeing what he did and how he helped me through and get back on the court and stay on the court. My senior year I went and visited Alabama with my mom.”

She graduated from Presque Isle in 2013 and attended the University of Alabama. As a student Trainer she worked with several sports

Ackerson Goupille:” I worked with men’s and women’s tennis, cheerleading, dance team. I worked at a local High School and worked with softball and football. A little bit of baseball too.”

Ackerson Goupille was the student training for the football team in 2017 when they lost the National Championship in the closing minutes.

Ackerson Goupille:” My first football game ever was in the stands of an Alabama football game my freshman year. Go from that to four years later I am working on the sidelines of every single game and going to every single game. The SEC Championship game, the playoff game and then the National Championship. It was incredible I step back sometime and say how am I here.

Laurin now works at Oklahoma Baptist University in Shawnee Oklahoma which is a Division 2 school. She said that down the road returning to a Division 1 school would be a goal of hers, but she loves her current job also.

Ackerson Goupille:” I say at the end of the day Athletic Training is all the same. You are doing the same thing as the Athletic Trainers at Division 1 level. Providing care to the student athletes and helping them get back on the field or the court. Helping them recover from an injury so at the end of the day it is all the same.”

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