Youngsters compete in Track and Field meet

Published: Jun. 24, 2021 at 10:02 AM EDT
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Summer is here and that means that youngsters are kept busy with recreation programs. Today over 200 competitors were in Caribou for the annual track and field meet.

on your mark get set go

(Emma Drost):” I am doing the 200 and 400. I can’t wait for it. I like running,but it is hard”

(Alison Fagnant):” I just like the running and being with your friends. The energy that is shared between everybody. It is so exciting. Cheering on my friends and people cheering on me.” It is really fun.”

(Ethan Kenneson):” I like playing this game because it really shows off my speed and how much skills everyone has.”

(Selena Soule):” I just like being with my friends and having a bunch of energy and running like the 100 meters.”

Running, Throwing and jumping youngsters from the St John Valley to Houlton converged on Caribou for the state qualifier

(Matt Bouchard):” Top four go to the States in each age group and gender in each event. Those will be held on July 19th in Brewer.”

Even in a large crowd you can spot the Easton athletes wearing their tie dye shirts

(Hillary Hallett):” I just want to able to find my kids all summer from the water park to the track meet so it works well for us.”

Bouchard says this is a great chance for the Northern Maine Recreation Departments to get together compete and have some fun.

Bouchard:” Great chance for the recreation departments to get together it kicks off our summer. I know we are only two days into our program for the summer and I think most departments are the same.”

Hallett says that his event gives Easton youngsters a chance to compete in an event not offered in their school

Hallett:” Track program is something we don’t get to offer in the Easton schools so this is a chance to introduce them to the events and the exercise and the sportsmanship. Give them kind of a feel for what track is about.”

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