Allagash Museum Opens to Share County’s Logging History

Published: Jul. 12, 2021 at 6:30 PM EDT
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ALLAGASH, Maine (WAGM) - Out in the Allagash, a mom and pop museum is keeping history alive.

Tylor Kelly has been known in Allagash as a logger, a guide, the founder of a now 45-year-old lunch spot, and most recently, a museum owner. He and his wife opened Papa and Mama Kelly’s Allagash Museum to immortalize the area’s logging history.

“It was quite project because I had to build the building,” said Kelly. “I cut the lumber myself from my own land.”

Kelly filled his museum with motors, tools, and other artefacts from throughout Allagash’s past. But if you’re lucky enough to have him escort you through the museum, you’ll also find ice skates he used as a boy, sleds, and a pogo stick. Kelly even made replicas of the ferries and log-carrying sleds that used to traverse along the St John river.

“A lot of this was handed down,” explained Kelly’s daughter, Darlene Dumond. “And the legacy was handed down to my dad from all of those industries, but he was a logger for years.”

“I went through from horses to tractors—old tractors—then I went through the skidders,” said Kelly.

Kelly’s father and grandfather before him were loggers, and the museum is filled with their property as well as contributions from the community. And why did he make the museum in the first place?

“To preserve your history, to preserve the working history,” said Dumond to her father. But for Kelly, it’s even simpler.

“I loved old stuff. I loved the old equipment, the buck saws, the crosscut saws, and all the old stuff. I loved it. Then I thought, well I cant have it unless I have a place to put it. That’s when I started.”

Kelly says Papa and Mama Kelly’s Allagash museum is his dream. That dream is helping to keep Allagash history alive.

You can find the logging museum next to Kelly’s restaurant, Two Rivers Lunch, at 75 Dickey Rd, Allagash. Call 207 398 4497

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