Speeding down the Loring Runway

Published: Jul. 16, 2021 at 10:52 AM EDT
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LIMESTONE, Maine (WAGM) - Records are being set at the Land speed races on the Loring runway in Limestone. This is the second full day of the event and racers are satisfying the need for speed.

This has been the fastest run of the week so far Bob Keselowski turning in a speed of 264 miles an hour in a mile and a half run. Everyone who is at the event has a story and is looking to set new records.

(Steve Knucum):” The need for speed setting records and building my reputation as the best engine builder this is.”

(Mark Deluca):” The need for speed and me and Steve are teammates. We come out once or twice a year to try and set records and meet our goals.”

Dean Sabatinelli of Athens Georgia is also racing a bike built by Knucum and he has set a new record of 224 miles an hour in the altered fuel 1650 class

(Dean Sabatinelli):” Prior to that was 219 by Ryan Ostergard. That record was in place for at least 10 years. We bumped it to 224 so we are happy.”

Tom Schaefer of Hoschton, Georgia told me on Tuesday that he was hoping to make 100 runs and he is well on his way.

(Tom Schaefer):”Fairly well today. That was the seventh run today. We got in 26 runs on Tuesday and 20 yesterday. We had one bike have a few issues and might be out of the game. We got two other bikes we can run so we are looking for a successful weekend.”

Schaefer continues to set new records in various classes and he is not done yet

Schaefer:” I would love to set a thousand records, but that will probably be September.”

Due to the border closure there are fewer people competing this year, but that is great for the racers who are in attendance.

(Joe Daly)” We have limited entries due to the border being closed and everybody getting all the runs they want. They will be out of gas or out of motor.”

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