The Community Coming Together to Find Finn

Published: Jul. 21, 2021 at 7:00 PM EDT
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PRESQUE ISLE, Maine (WAGM) - The community has come together again but this time to help find Finn, the dog that was in a vehicle that was stolen on Tuesday afternoon. NewsSource 8 Adriana Sanchez spoke to the owner and has the details.

“Norm and I and our family are so grateful just grateful for the support and there were a lot of posts about the people that did it and how bad people are and you know there are a few people who do bad things but there are so many good people,” said owner Ellen Trask.

That was owner Ellen Trask, she says she didn’t expect the amount of strangers that came together to help her and her family find Finn.

“We just can’t thank everyone enough for such an effort to help and try to find him from the Presque Isle Police department to the State police, Caribou Police department and then the hundreds of people that came out to those roads where the truck was spotted to search for him people that we know and so many that we didn’t know just really good people,” said Trask.

She says Finn was found around 9pm last night after several community members reported spotting him.

“There must’ve been at least 70 people searching in this particular spot on McBurnie road and it was starting to get dark my son in law decided to go to Westfield and right where people said they thought they saw him. They got out of their truck and they had to go down into the woods they were calling to him and my son in law lost phone reception and so he walked back up to the road and there was Finn standing there looking at him,” said Trask.

Finn was found with no injures. The two people involved in the car theft have been arrested after a high speed chase.  The police and the Trask family say thank you to the community for their help. Adriana Sanchez NewsSource 8.

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