The Maine Community College system will not be increasing tuition this year

Published: Jul. 23, 2021 at 10:33 AM EDT
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PRESQUE ISLE, Maine (WAGM) -The Maine Community College system will not be increasing tuition this year.  News source 8 reporter Megan Cole has more.

Going to college can be a costly venture.  During the pandemic, many went through financial troubles, so the Maine Community College system decided to hold tuition flat.

“We looked out at our student population, recognized the challenges that our students have experienced.  Actually, people across the economy, especially people who are in need of education to get ahead in the community and just decided that holding tuition was the right thing to do at this point.”

“Students have been through a challenging time, the whole community has, and I think to raise prices at this time would have been a mistake, so the board of trustees and their wisdom decided to maintain tuition at this rate.  We think that’s a benefit to our students’ long term so their costs will not increase in terms of their tuition here and that’s a good thing.  Room and board will also stay the same and we anticipate the cost of books will also change a little bit because of changes that we made in our bookstore so we’re hoping it’s gonna be the same cost or a little bit less than it was last year when you look at the whole picture.”

David Daigler is the president of the Maine Community College system.  He says there are several ways the Community College System was able to help with revenue lost during the pandemic, so they didn’t have to increase tuition.

“Mostly it was just tried and true community college spirit and a little belt tightening and really trying to get there.  I do have to say that the federal support for back filling lost revenues was a critical factor.  If that had not come through there was no way we could have balanced a budget on the backs of students, it would have had a longer-term ripple effect so it’s not any one thing, it’s the constellation of everything.”

Daigler says that it’s too early to know if they’ll be able to hold tuition rates flat for the next academic year.

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