UMPI baseball hat in Cooperstown

Published: Jul. 30, 2021 at 1:35 PM EDT
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COOPERSTOWN, New York (WAGM) -A former University of Maine Presque Isle baseball player was able to show off her hat that is in the baseball hall of fame to a little league team she coaches.

Oz Sailors made history back in 2015. Sailors was the starting pitcher for the Owls in a game against the University of Maine. It was the first time that a women had ever started a baseball game against a Division one opponent. For that accomplishment her hat is in Cooperstown. Sailors now coaches a Little League team in the Bay area in California and her team played at Cooperstown Dreams Park. Sailors 2014 Women’s Cup teammate Gabrielle Augustin is now the Curator for the Hall of Fame and helped make the tour possible.

Sailors:” Willie Mays bat Tim Lincecum cleats and Madison Baumgartner’s World Series hat and at the very end she asked me to come up to the table where all those artifacts were and she pulled out my UMPI hat. It was a surprise to most of the kids because they didn’t know my hat was in the hall of fame.”

Sailors who now runs a baseball academy in the Bay area says that sharing her experience with her team was quite emotional

Sailors:” Babe Ruth and Jackie Robinson and Hank Aaron and all the greatest people who ever played the game and their hat. To be grouped in with that mix was very emotional. When I was explaining to the kids the significance of the hat and it was hard for me to keep it together.”

Her message to her players was never give up. Dozens of Coaches wouldn’t give Sailors the chance to play college baseball, but then one door opened and she took advantage of the opportunity at the University of Maine Presque Isle and that opened other doors as she played professionally in the United States and overseas.

Sailors:” Because of UMPI giving me the opportunity I went on and was able to play with the National team and professionally for several years. It was a good teaching moment for me. I did tell the kids there was 300 people who said no to me, but there was one person who said yes. When you really want something badly enough all it takes is one person to say yes no matter how many people say no. That one person can the person who opens the doors for you to live your dream and have your career. That was pretty powerful moment and important for the kids to know that.”

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