Olympic Gymnastics Sparks Interest in Aroostook County

Published: Aug. 2, 2021 at 1:06 PM EDT
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PRESQUE ISLE, Maine (WAGM) - Every year, the Olympics brings attention to a variety of different sports. A fan favorite is gymnastics. But not only do the games shine a lot on the athletes who are competing, they also ramp up interest in places across the country.

Allison Wheeler is the owner of All-Star gymnastics. She said that when the sport she loves is in the Olympics, it brings more people into her gym.

“I think that visibility of it from a business standpoint is fantastic because there’s a lot of girls out there that want to sign up for gymnastics and boys too after watching the Olympics,” Wheeler said.

In addition to helping to add new students, Wheeler says the Olympics is also helpful to her current gymnasts.

“It teaches them the value of setting a goal, and having a dream and working towards that goal and achieving that dream,” she said.

She said it creates quite the buzz during classes.

“They come in with a twinkle in their eye and higher motivation,” said All-Star Gymnastics Coach, Chloe Wheeler. “But, what I also notice is that I find that the girls are closer as if they were a family and in the sense that they are encouraging each other.”

“There’s a lot more passion when all of the students walk in through the door,” said All-Star Gymnastics Coach, Jack Schafer. “You can see the twinkle in their eye… “I wanna be Simone Biles” and they walk through the door and they’re like “Oh, I am so motivated and I want to get every skill that I saw on the TV.”

Wheeler says that she hopes that with every competition and more coverage, the sport will continue to grow even more at her own gym and around the world.

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