Fish stories from the Muskie Derby

Published: Aug. 16, 2021 at 11:07 AM EDT
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FORT KENT, Maine (WAGM) -They are fishing for monster fish on the St John River this weekend in the annual Muskie Derby. Whenever anglers get together there will be fish stories. The one I am about to share will be passed from generation to generation in the Pelletier family.

This is Jonathon Pelletier and his father Ray bringing in a huge muskie that they had caught earlier in the day. The Pelletiers had an eventful start to their day.

(Jonathon Pelletier):” We actually ended up in the hospital first thing. I got a treble hook in my hand and went to the hospital and got back to the river about 10 o’clock and about 10:30 we got a hit.”

The 44 and an eighth inch 24 pound muskie put up quite a fight.

Pelletier:” It took us about 10 minutes. We were in a canoe so it was pretty challenging. My father was in the front and he was able to turn around and net him. We got him in the canoe and went to shore.”

(GRAND ISLE)You need to be in the right place at the right time. Curtis Dionne also hooked a huge muskie measuring almost 44 inches, the catch he wasn’t even fishing for muskie.

(Curtis Dionne):” I was casting for bass on the shoreline and I got quite the surprise when I hooked into that 43 inch muskie.”

Dionne said there were some anxious moments because he was using a bass rod.

Dionne:” Very very nervous it came to the boat about 10 times. It only had one treble hook in it’s mouth and it was quite the fight.”

(FORT KENT) Water levels on part of the St John River are very right now. That has kept some people from putting in at the boat landing in Fort Kent

(Dennis Cyr):” Water is low in the Fort Kent area and the pools that have bass should be quite fishable if you can walk to them.

The hot temperatures are also a challenge for the anglers.

Cyr:” The fish will still be active in the deeper waters. I am sure they are hungry like they always are.”

The Derby is an event that anglers from all over the Country look forward to each year. The St John River has become a hot bed for muskie fishing

Cyr:” They just love the derby it is fun to fish and get paid to go fishing if they are successful.”

Dionne is very generous and is ready to share the location of his fishing hole with everyone... Well kind of

Dionne:” The St John river there.” laughs

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