Maine Basketball Hall of Fame Legend of the Game Steve Shaw

Published: Aug. 19, 2021 at 9:54 AM EDT
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MARS HILL, Maine (WAGM) - A man who still has the passion for the sport of basketball will be recognized as a Legend of the Game by the Maine Basketball Hall of Fame on Sunday. Steve Shaw who coached at both Easton and Central Aroostook will be honored on Sunday.

Steve Shaw:” I am excited number one and number two I am very honored and very humbled by the fact I get to go down be on the program with so many people that I held in high esteem I am very grateful and very honored for that.”

Shaw still has the fire for the sport. He laces up the sneakers several times a week at the old ACI Gym in Mars Hill.

Shaw:” I played in college I played in the service. I was fortunate enough to play for Sports Ambassadors. I played in Ethiopia, Kenya, Egypt, Denmark. Giving clinics in Canada played in Viet Nam. I played basketball all over the world and actually I met my wife Ruth through basketball.”

The gym has great memories for Shaw. It’s a place where he had a lot of success growing up

Shaw:” This gym was built in 1948. I played in here from 58 to 1962. I will never forget one particular game. We played Presque Isle the year they were the Eastern Maine Champions and almost won a state. They had a fantastic ballclub that year under Dana Hews. We got beat by 11 points, but you couldn’t set in this place It was packed.”

Shaw spent over 50 years in education as a teacher. coach and Athletic Administrator.

Shaw:” I got fortunate enough to be hired in Easton in 1969 the day I got out of Viet Nam. I said do you have a job and he said yeah. I know you you played for Terry I got the job in Easton and I was there for 50 years.”

He spent the majority of his career in Easton and also coached the CAHS Panthers to a State Championship.

Shaw:” That was a fantastic team. We won over 40 ballgames in a row State Champions undefeated the next year until the State Final game got beat by one point. That was a thrill.”

The 77 year old still has the fire to drain shots and to teach the game to youngsters. He has one piece of advice for younger players

Shaw:” If you have a passion about basketball spend time at it and become good at it. It’s been a great ride for me. I have been passionate about it all my life. During this pandemic all I do work out and shoot basketball so it has been a great benefit and a great blessing to me.”

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