More records set at Land Speed event

Published: Sep. 2, 2021 at 9:40 AM EDT
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LIMESTONE, Maine (WAGM) - The need for speed is underway again this week on the Loring Runway. The Land Speed racers are back to try and set more records.

(Joe Daly):” Every land speed venue has its own record book and the records are site specific. Tom Schaefer who is approaching a thousand records has gone after any record he see achievable.”

Tom Schaefer of Hoschton, Georgia, is the king of land speed records. In July he made over 100 runs on the runway, that was a new record for the event and so far in just over a day he is by far fulfilling his need for speed.

(Tom Schaefer):” I came back with two dirt bikes that we converted to land speed racers and we also brought an electric motorcycle to run in different classes. We did really well yesterday, getting in 30 runs in just over 3 hours.” From motorcycles to street cars to antiques. They are all being raced this week.

(David Jacobs Jr):” Model A chassis with a T body trying to see how fast we can go.”

You can also throw in a former stock car who sat on the pole at Daytona in 2007

(Richard Posser):” We are hoping to get over 260. Right now we are running regular without the blow and when we put the blower on there and crank it up and put alcohol to it we will have more power.”

The land speed races are a family affair with family and friends sharing the need for speed.

(Janie Daly):” In July I went 107 and got a record and this time we did a little bit of work to it and we are hoping to get a couple of miles per hour faster.” Clifford Daly is a member of the 200 mile an hour club and hopes to do it again on another motorcycle

(Clifford Daly):” We keep getting new bikes and keep wanting to make bikes faster. We got new goals every event. Push the bikes harder and looking forward to a fun week out here.”

The border closure kept the number of entrants down this year, but the racers come from all over the country to this track for the same reason to set new records and enjoy the hospitality.

Prosser:” We set some speed records. Pretty exciting we are from near Cleveland Ohio in a small little town. Small group of local guys that raced on the track racing and now we are doing land speed racing.”

Schaefer:” This is the best track anywhere in the country. Bonneville is wonderful, Arkansas, the guys with ECTA, are wonderful. I have been with them ever since 2004. There’s a lot of good tracks out there, I still think this is one is the best up here at Loring.”

By the way Schaefer set his one thousandth record late this afternoon He set the record on a Ducati Diavel that made its first run down the runway. Schaefer has now set 1024 total records more than double the second place record holder of 504.

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