Dr.Levesque Elementary School Students and Teachers adjust to the 1st day of School

Published: Sep. 10, 2021 at 12:43 PM EDT
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FRENCHVILLE, Maine (WAGM) - 46 is the number of days the teachers and officials at Dr.Levesque Elementary School (DLES) had to figure out where they would be having their school year. They had to start from scratch after a fire caused major damage to their school. NewsSoure 8 Adriana Sanchez was at their first day of school and has the story.

It’s been a little more than a month since the devastating fire at DLES, since then a short term plan has been announced and today is their first day of school.

“We have gone through every stage of preparation here and really through all the stages of grief even when it came to losing our school but we immediately picked ourselves up and we had two goals when we first started goal number one was keep out students in our district and goal number two was start school on time and we can check both boxes off and that was hard work of so many people. It was a valley wide event and truly beyond the valley we had help of everybody as we are extremely proud of our community, students, teachers and entire staff,” said Principal of DLES Cheryl Hallowell.

She adds on that she did not think today would have been possible at the start of the month.

“Volunteers were key, they were vital. The people that were here painting and hauling things putting things together, every room that we are using got painted and it was almost all volunteer labor and even people who did get paid they came in on their summer vacation to do it,” added Hallowell.

As of right now there is not long term plan set.

“The process of looking at the next step is a long one our board, our superintendent and assistant superintendent will do a wonderful job at some point to laying down all the options we have because there are several so they’ll investigate every option and go from there and that’s going to take a while so we anticipate being in this building for more than a year as we make plans we hope this is a temporary fix while were waiting for something bigger and better but that’s going to be up to many many people making those decisions after we look at all the options ,” said Hallowell.

Pre-K and Kindergarten are currently at Lady of the Valley Catholic Church until their modular classrooms come in and grades 1-6 are at Wisdom Middle High.

Adriana Sanchez NewsSource 8

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