Four hospital CEOs weigh in on supply availability and Covid treatment

Published: Sep. 10, 2021 at 1:54 PM EDT
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PRESQUE ISLE, Maine (WAGM) -Supplies have been a challenge over the last year and a half for hospitals as they battle the covid 19 pandemic. WAGM sat down with the four hospital CEO’s to talk about how supplies are right now, as well as what they are using to treat their covid patients.

Kris Doody, Cary Medical Center says “I think we’re very fortunate that the supply chain has corrected during this last year and a half. And we’re very fortunate. I mean, we’ve all stockpiled mask, glove and N95s you know, things that we need. We’ve talked early on as for CEO’s about ventilators and staff. Our concern is ventilators right now, do we have enough ventilators in Aroostook county as some of these patients are arriving on our doorsteps? And as Shawn mentioned this is a real toll on our staff. Our staff has been doing this for a year and a half and yes, not to the degree of some of the other states in the nation, but they’ve been doing it for a year and a half. And now it’s hitting us hard and they’ve just done an exceptional job and it’s tough on them, but fortunately we have the supplies for them to keep them protected.”

According to Greg LaFrancois from Northern Light AR Gould, “it’s a lot easier now that so much of our staff is vaccinated because we don’t burn through the PPE, like we used to, that used to be our only strategy. And so we’re in a much better position, I think we’re in a much better position now for that, for that benefit.”

Peter Sirois, CEO of Northern Maine Medical Center says, “I believe we’re not wasting as much as, as we used to as well. We’ve understood the disease a bit better in the process and educated more about, over the last 18 months now going on two years, I think that’s helped with how we deal with PP, how we find it, how we use it on the floors with patients. So I think it’s come a long ways.”

Shawn Anderson, Houlton Regional: I never really considered myself to be a hoarder. This is taught us, I think every one of us to, in some respects be a hoarder of PPE. It was that severe at the beginning. Now we don’t lose sleep at night over PPE. It’s other things related to COVID that are keeping us awake.

In regards to treatment of Covid 19.

Kris Doody says, “So there’s different options. There’s an option on the outpatient setting, monoclonal antibodies, which we all provide, which has been administered to some patients who meet the criteria. When a patient’s admitted, though, there is a drug called Remdesivir, but that has to be administered on an inpatient basis, and that’s administered over a number of days. And again, that’s available in our hospitals and has been administered to a number of positive COVID patients.”

Greg LaFrancois added “With great effect.”

Kris Doody agreed, saying, “Yes with great effect, exactly Greg, great effect. Let me tell you. We are very fortunate to have these medications available to us.”

Peter Sirois added, “We didn’t have them a year ago and so we suffered through it. And it was only certain hospitals that were able to get it because of the shortage, but now it’s pretty much available to all of us.”

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