Looking Back: WAGM Covers Local Impacts of 9/11

Published: Sep. 10, 2021 at 10:01 AM EDT
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PRESQUE ISLE, Maine (WAGM) -20 Years ago, The nation was changed with the 9/11 Terrorist Attacks. Corey Bouchard takes a look back at how WAGM reported on how the aftermath of that day, affected Aroostook County, the State, and the Nation.

September 11th 2001. Many within the county were glued to their television, listening to radio as information trickled in. WAGM was there on that day, and the days following, working to inform and guide the community into a post 9/11 world. Caribou High School, Like most schools that day, watched the broadcasts as they were unfolding.

File: 9/11/2001 STUDENT 1:” I was really shocked and surprised, I didn’t really understand why someone would go and do this.”

STUDENT 2: " So many people have been dying and its just like maybe this leads to war or something”

STUDENT 3: “A day that you’ll always remember and you know remember where you were, how it was told to you and you’ll never forget it”

All airline travel was immediately halted, Leaving visitors to try to find alternative ways to get home.

FILE: 9/16/2001 “obviously when the airlines were down, we did make a lot of alternate accommodations for trains, car rentals, you name it, we just offered any option there was”

When the airport did resume travel, It looked a little different.

File 9/14/2001″ REPORTER: Parking lots now contain Humvees and passengers are met at the gates by armed soldiers…SSG: they’re impressed to have soldiers here, they’re not used to having men in uniforms with weapons but we’re here just to make sure they feel more comfortable”

Many vigils and remembrance ceremonies were held in the coming days. These veterans immediately asked themselves not what the country could do for them, but what they could do for their country.

FILE 9/14/2001 " VETERAN1:Most of us have limitations with what we can do other than offer our support and if we live near New York we can offer our blood”

Veteran 2: If they call me up I’d gladly go”

20 Years later, we withdrew from Afghanistan just before the anniversary of the attacks that started that war.

Corey Bouchard, Newssource 8

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