What is the Child Subsidy Program?

Published: Sep. 10, 2021 at 12:22 PM EDT
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Maine (WAGM) - Paying for child care can be expensive, NewsSource 8′s Adriana Sanchez has more on one program that helps eligible Maine families pay for child care in this weeks Aroostook Community Matters.

For more than 40 years the Child Care Subsidy program has helped families pay for childcare so parents can go to work, school or participate in a job training program. Sue Powers Sr. Director of Programs for ACAP says there are misconceptions about this program that some families might have.

“One misconception is that many people feel like they don’t qualify because they probably think they make too much money and the truth of the matter is that guidelines for the subsidy program are set of 80% of the Maines median income which means a family of 4 can make $76,000 a year and will probably still qualify for child care subsidy,” said Senior ACAP Director of Programs, Sue Powers.

In July of 2020 there were changes to this program to help with the huge need for infant and toddler care across the state of Maine.

“A family who comes to you with an infant and if you’re a provider and accept the voucher not only can you collect the market rate fee for the slot for this infant but you can collect an additional $100 stipend for caring for the infant,” said Powers.

Usually there is a parent co-pay but In August of 2021, Governor Mills and DHHS allocated money in the federal funding from the Covid-19 relief funding to waive the co-pays for parents.

“Typically you would get sent a letter that the state voucher will be this much and your parent fee will be this much right now until the end of the year the fee is zero and the state is paying the entire child care fee for families who qualify regardless of what their parent fee might be,” said Powers.

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