Real Estate Matters : 8.24.2021

Real estate matter 7.28.2020
Real estate matter 7.28.2020(WAGM)
Published: Sep. 14, 2021 at 7:28 AM EDT
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PRESQUE ISLE, Maine (WAGM) -The homebuying process is an important one. And one aspect that can make or break the ease of a transaction is the home inspection. Its the focus of this week’s Real Estate Matters with Shawn Cunningham.

A home inspection is a vital part of the home buying process. Inspections protect the buyer from unforeseen expenses...and possibly saving you tens of thousands of dollars down the road. It can also help to ensure the property’s safety for the potential homebuyer.

Stephanie Fields Realtor, Fields Realty LLC.

“the home inspection they’re looking for the quality the safety the overall condition of the potential home you don’t wanna get stuck with a moneypit or a headache performing lots of unexpected repairs when you first move into your home.”

Shawn Cunningham NO STANDUP

For potential homebuyers who think they can chance it...especially if on the surface a home doesn’t appear to look like there are any repair issues, Fields says DON’T....Spending the money for a home inspection, could save more money in the long run...

“it does seem a lot but its a minute expense considering the type of purchase you’re making and when you do the home inspection when the buyer gets the inspection report back we can negotiate with the seller on some of the repairs that you want fixed the buyer may fix the seller may fix..”

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An inspection can cover both exterior issues and interior issues...An exterior Inspection

can include:

Exterior walls





While an interior Inspection can include:




Kitchen Appliances

Laundry Room

Fire Safety


A home inspector will check for several items specific to your health and safety including radon, carbon monoxide, and mold.

“the seller may be able to fix some the things the buyer may have the ability to make some repairs so it is for sure being able to negotiate and work through that process on the home inspection.”

Most home inspections reveal at least a few items that need to be repaired or replaced prior to the new owner taking possession of the property. It’s at this point in the home buying process that the buyer must decide how to proceed with the home inspection results.

“Many things are taking place once you get past the home inspection and the ball gets rolling then again you’re moving closer to the transaction of closing...”

Moving closer to closing and moving closer to owning your brand new home...Shawn Cunningham, NS 8.

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