Majority of Houlton golf team are girls.

Published: Oct. 8, 2021 at 11:40 AM EDT
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HOULTON, Maine (WAGM) - The majority of golf teams in the State are made up predominately of boys.. The Houlton Shiretowners are one of the exceptions. 6 of their 9 players including three of their six starters are girls.

(Madalyn Quirk):” I think that golf is such a fun sport. it just appeals to everyone and that is why there’s so many girls on the team this year.”

(Alyssa Nightingale):” I like having the girls because we can hang out together and learn together and just grow friendships.”

(Collin Moody):” We will talk about courses. We will talk how to play them each shot. Whether or not we need to short on a hole or go right at the pin. Girls or guys low scores are low scores. It doesn’t matter.”

Dave Grant has been the Shires coach for several years and he said this group of players all have their own interest, but golf is the common denominator.

(Dave Grant):”If it wasn’t for junior golf, I probably wouldn’t have the girls either. I think it is coming out of our feeder system. I got six out of the nine. Other schools in the PVC if they have two most of them have one or two not six.”

Quirk:” I started when I was real little probably 6 or 7 in junior golf and I have been golfing with him ever since.”

Nightingale just took up the sport last year and her score was one of the four used by the team when they captured the PVC title at Jato. Nightingale:”

Coach helped me out at the beginning by telling me that five teams are going into states. It relieved the pressure and I just had to find a good score.” The veteran coach says that this could be a trend for his team again next year.

Grant:” I am losing my three boys this year they are seniors. I know that I have got four girls coming out of the 8th grade and maybe two boys. Who knows I might put in an all girls team in the state next year.

Grant says that early in the year the girls might have been a little intimidated, but now they are just focusing on their game. Quirk says that she is a little intimidated, but she thinks that girls have one advantage.

Quirk:” A little bit, but when it comes to short game boys aren’t really good at that and girls usually strive in that.”

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