Blue Origin delays William Shatner’s space flight

Published: Oct. 11, 2021 at 8:08 AM EDT
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(CNN) - The original Captain Kirk will have to wait a little longer to explore space.

Blue Origin is delaying William Shatner’s trip because of high winds. The launch is now slated for Wednesday, at which point the 90-year-old actor will become the oldest person ever to travel to space.

He led the U.S.S. Enterprise on an intergalactic odyssey. Now he will get to go on his own odyssey.

“Things I have only played as an actor, I am going to get to see firsthand,” Shatner said. “I’m thrilled, and anxious and a little nervous and a little frightened about this whole new adventure.”

Blue Origin announced Shatner will be on the next Blue Origin flight alongside Audrey Powers, Blue Origin’s vice president of mission and flight operations.

Shatner, Powers and two others will lift off from a remote stretch of West Texas less than three months after the company’s first crewed launch.

The crew will enjoy about four minutes of weightlessness during an 11-minute suborbital trip to space similar to what Jeff Bezos, his brother, and two others did during the summer.

“I go to the edge of space and loosen the restraints around me and be weightless and looking into the vastness of the universe,” Shatner said.

Shatner, who played Captain Kirk on the hit television series “Star Trek” and went on to star in seven “Star Trek” films, joked about this opportunity years ago.

He said he’d go into space “if I got a guarantee I would come back”

That opportunity is now here. And 90-year-old Shatner seems surprised himself.

“Because 55 years ago, I was destitute, and I’m looking at the sky with the astronauts stepping on the moon. And I have a little bit to do with those astronauts,” he said. “And 55 years later, I’m going into space. I want to come back to tell you about how I really felt when I saw these things we only learned about secondhand.”

His fans are excited to hear about his mission too, many taking to Twitter expressing their excitement.

Late night host Stephen Colbert even made a joke about the mission, tweeting, “I hope William Shatner doesn’t have unrealistic expectations of what space is like.”

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