Northern Regional Class C Champion Fort Kent Warriors profile

Published: Nov. 8, 2021 at 10:21 AM EST
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FORT KENT, Maine (WAGM) - The Fort Kent Warriors are back in the State game for the second in four years. The Warriors were a high scoring team during the regular season and then in the playoffs they were able to pick up some very hard fought victories.

Collin Bennett: “Probably the best feeling I have had so far in my sports career. It felt great to hold up the plaque and have the medal put around my neck.”

(Griffin Sibley):” It felt great from the beginning of the season our coach told us that we were contenders and we didn’t really believe him. As we went along in the season, we saw we really were contenders.”

(Keegan Cyr):” We really didn’t think we were going to make it this far, but once we started in the playoffs we knew anything could happen and we really worked hard.” (Austin Delisle):” That was a great moment it felt good. Nobody we thought we would be there, but to go out and show everybody that we are worthy of winning the championship.”

This is Kalusha Kotes fourth year as coach of the team. He led the Warriors to a Regional title in his first year and he said that he has several players on this year’s team who were freshmen on their last fun to the State game

(Kalusha Kotes):” They have been with me for four years. They know what it takes to go to States. They saw it their freshmen year and have been working on it for a few years and now their senior year they are back at the state finals.” The Warriors play hard from the opening whistle. Kotes says that his college coach taught him to play hard from the opening whistle and that carries over to the Warriors.

Kotes:”Coach Bill Ashby I have always related to him and the things he taught us. I have related it to the guys and I have shown them that once you start the game you should start as soon as the whistle blows.”

Fort Kent should have quite a fan following tomorrow as they are playing on County turf.

Bennett: “We will have a lot more from the County who will be supporting us. Can’t wait to see it.”

Cyr:” A lot of people hopefully we want our whole school there. We have been trying all week to get as many people there as we can and playing in the County is really great.” The Warriors have quite a legacy of success on the soccer fields. This is their fourth trip to the States since 2009 and this team is happy to carry on the warriors tradition of success.

Sibley:” We just have really good dynamics on offense, and we pass the ball great and we play from the back and we do that well.”

Delisle:” We are ready we are ready. We might be underdogs, but we will show some people that we belong in the State game.”

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