Loring Land Speed Racing veteran Bob Keselowski passes away

Published: Dec. 23, 2021 at 10:55 AM EST
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PRESQUE ISLE, Maine (WAGM) -A familiar face at Land Speed events on the Loring Runway has passed away. Bob Keselowski, who attended the event at Loring for several years, with his brother Ron passed away after a two year battle with cancer. Back in July Bob just missed setting a new record after driving his car at over 269 miles an hour in a mile and a half. Racing was a family affair for the Keseloswkis. His son Brad is a former points champion in the Cup series and continues to have success on the track . Brian is also a former NASCAR driver who attended the Land Speed event with his father and uncle. Here is a story that I did with the Keselowski’s after Bob’s near record run back in July.

(Bob Keselowski):” I was hoping to break 270 when I came here. The record is 269. 6 and I went 269.3. I really wanted to do 270. That was my goal so i am going keep leaning on it and pushing on it and see if I can get there.”

Bob’s brother Ron is also back for another year. He has been clocked at over 240 miles an hour at the mile, but he said that is nowhere near his goal

(Ron Keselowski):” I was shooting for 255 in the mile. Right now I am a long ways from it. We found some problems and hopefully we might get close. I have the record in the mile at 251, but it don’t look to good this week.”

They say that motorsports is a family affair and that is the case with the Keselowski’s. Bob’s son Brad is one of the top Cup Series drivers. His son Brian is a former Cup driver who has also competed in several other divisions. He is a crew member this week for his father and uncle

(Brian Keselowski):” It’s in my blood. My family has been in this since the 1950′s so it is in my blood. I don’t really know anything else to do so I try to find anything in racing I can do.”

The car that Bob drives was actually a former race car that was owned by Brian Brian Keselowski:”

Dad’s like let me do something with it and he built his own rear clip and put a new body on it and made it a land speed car.”

It’s a busy weekend for Brian. Working on his father’s car now and then driving to Loudon tomorrow . He will be spotting for Quinn Houff in Sunday’s cup race. Brian Keselowski:” I used to drive, but ran out of money, typical thing for drivers. I am crew chiefing for a truck and doing some spotting at Loudon this weekend.”

The Keselowskis have been coming to the County for several years. They love the area and love the idea of getting in numerous runs during the event.

Bob Keselowski:” We like the whole layout and the people here. To us it is like going up into the U.P. in the summertime for vacation.”

Ron Keselowski:” Bring your car back over here work on it and do whatever. Tow up there even if they had more cars you may be waiting 20 minutes at the most.”

Brian would like to see his father try to reach the 300 mile an hour mark at another venue.

Brian Keselowski:” Go out and set new records. I would really like to see us go to Bonneville and try to go for 300 because we have an opportunity to do that.”

Tim Kelly of the Loring Timing Association said that Bob was a mainstay of the event for the past five seasons and exemplified the spirit of the event. He won the Warner Cup for fastest vehicle of the year in both 2020 and 2021.

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