Medical Monday Transitional Care

Published: Jan. 5, 2022 at 3:07 PM EST
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PRESQUE ISLE, Maine (WAGM) - When you’re sick and in the hospital, most are hoping to get home as soon as possible. But making the transition from full time care to home life can be challenging. That’s where transitional care comes into play.

Hilary Boucher, a physician assistant at Northern Light AR Gould Hospital, says “Transitional care is caring from the hospital inpatient, to when the patient gets home.”

Boucher says transitional care helps people who are still really sick, but well enough to go home, make that transition more smoothly.

Boucher says, “I talk to a lot of patients about medications, new medications that they’ve started or new medication changes. If someone might be discharged on oxygen, I can help them figure out how to use oxygen or any other new machines. Or any new diagnosis and a little bit of patient education that the hospitalists might not have time for that I can take extra time to explain what’s going on.”

She adds this option helps give patients more independence and new telehealth options allow family members to be more easily in the loop as well.

“Family members are a big part of helping and telehealth has made that a lot easier with covid. I only see the sickest of the sick patients right now. So these are patients that are at high risk of coming back into the hospital and getting sick again and so, we’re hoping that we can expand it to all hospital discharges eventually, but right now, we’re just focusing on the really sick patients.”, says Boucher.

Really sick patients who are anxious for more independence, despite their illness.

“More independence and hopefully find problems earlier than later so they don’t have to come back in. These patients have, they’re sick, they’re very sick and they need a little extra help and there’s a long wait list to get into providers right now and so being able to see more quickly and answer some of those questions and really just keep people out of the hospital.”, according to Boucher.

These services get people out of the hospital and home with loved ones as quickly and safely as possible.

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