County Native selected for Chief Forest Ranger

Published: Jan. 11, 2022 at 10:14 AM EST
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ASHLAND, Maine (WAGM) -A County Native has been selected as the new Chief Forest Ranger. Newssource 8′s Corey Bouchard has the story.

Robby Gross - Chief Forest Ranger , Maine Forest Service”There’s not a day that goes by that I ever felt like I didnt want to go to work, it’s been that enjoyable”

Robby Gross has had a distinguished Career with the Maine Forest Service, Starting with the service in 1995, and quickly climbing to District Forest Ranger and Regional Forest Ranger, stepping into numerous leadership roles along the way, He was selected to be the Chief Forest Ranger of the Maine Forest Service in December, and took command on January 1st.

”It’s such a great opprotunity to be given the chance to be Chief Forest Ranger there’s an incredible amount of history and heritage that goes along with the Maine Forest Service, and I really really look forward to lead our team of rangers forward through all the challanges and things we may see in the future”

His previous role of Regional Forest Ranger helped prepare him for his role as Chief, which includes being responsabile for statewide coordination of wildfire prevention, and response.

”My Number one objective goal is to ensure that we continue being a great wildland fire response agency, that is our number one related mission and we take that role very seriously”

Chief Gross adds that he is very thankful for all of the forest rangers, and he wouldn’t have achieved this position without their help and support.

” We’re a great team of rangers that we have across the state, each man and woman that puts the uniform on does a great job representing us and representing the state each day, we have a great skill set that helps folks every day, and if you look at the diverse job that we have it’s just a great organization to work for to put folks skills to work”

The Maine Forest Service is currently hiring Forest Rangers, and Chief Gross encourages anyone who is interested in learning more information about becoming a Forest Ranger to contact the Maine Forest Service. Corey Bouchard, Newssource 8

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