Pine Street Students enjoy WinterKids Winter Games

Published: Jan. 18, 2022 at 7:04 PM EST
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PRESQUE ISLE, Maine (WAGM) -Pine Street school is one of 22 school including two other ones in the County selected to compete for a top prize of 10 thousand dollars. This is the first year that the Presque Isle school has taken part in this project. (Dillon Kingsbury):” The goal is to get these kids outdoors and to realize in Northern Maine in the middle of January there are things to do. There are all kinds of activities that you can do. Just getting outside and experiencing what it is like.” This is a four week program covering everything from winter activities to nutrition challenges designed to help the students be active in winter. Kingsbury:” There’s four weeks of challenges. The first week is being physically active outdoors. Ice skating, snowshoeing , bobsledding. All kinds of different things where the kids need to get outside. You hear it a lot. There is nothing to do up here. The winters are long the winters are cold, which is all true, but you don’t have to sit inside. You can get outside. You can do things. Our recreation department is great. They do things like this for our community. They put the effort in,and it is great for the kids who are utilizing those things.” The temperature was dropping a little and the wind was picking up but there were a lot of smiles as the students were able to spend some time with their friends Kingsbury:” When they got wind of what we were doing and we had the opening ceremonies last week. The buzz around the school is great. It has been a few years with this pandemic where we really haven’t been able to get together as a school and do things together. We had to be separated and had to stay inside with masks on. That combined with this challenge has been great to see the kids get together and rally behind each other and have one big group and it is fun to see. GROUP: WE LOVE SKATING!!

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