Caribou Firefighter Tests European Style Fire Helmet

Published: Jan. 20, 2022 at 11:48 AM EST
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The fire service is one steeped in tradition, but one firefighter from Caribou is trying something a little different.

Mike Divito, a firefighter and paramedic with Caribou Fire Department has been testing a European style fire helmet for the past few months. The helmet resembles a motorcycle helmet, and does not have the traditional badging or wide brim like traditional American fire helmets, which Divito says is a good thing.

“The fact that its more evenly distributed, that weight of the helmet its approximately the same exact weight as most other traditional helmets, but that sensation of having it much lower of a center of gravity makes it feel lighter. Another gain of that, is from appearance you can see there’s no large eagle on the front, no badge, its all just decaled, so that gives you the benefit, when interior you have less objects to get entangled with on the outside of your helmet, its more of a smooth surface. Wires, lights hanging down from the ceiling don’t grab you while you’re trying to go through black smoke” says Divito.

Divito says the lack of a brim also prevents snagging on fire suits, and reduces the chance of any objects like broken beams falling and pulling the firefighter down with it.

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