Diversity in the County Part One

Published: Jan. 20, 2022 at 3:37 PM EST
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PRESQUE ISLE, Maine (WAGM) - The United States is having deeper, broader discussions about diversity. Aroostook County used to be home to the Loring Airforce base, which Jennifer Kiandoli says was a diverse place to grow up. “so it was very diverse back then and when the military base closed in 81 there was still some diversity...some people remained up here that might identify as African American black and so forth but so they added to the remaining diversity but it did change”

Even so, census data shows that Aroostook County is more diverse today than in the 70s. Native communities have a long history in the County, and other minority groups are growing with changing job opportunities.

Fenton Jones, the CEO of the Boys and Girls Club Border Towns says, “see more and more diversity come a long people are coming back to the county and it was so refreshing.”

For some, being a person of color in America presents its own challenges,

Michael Stiggle, owner of Timberwolves, says “I’m very authentic tell the truth that there are some challenges because I’m 1. from away and 2. African American

but locals say conversation is the key.”

Jacqui Lowman, DEI Councilmember at the University of Maine at Presque Isle, says “We have found that people are usually very open to conversations and thats not everybody but that’s true of a lot of people.”

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