SACS Elementary School Students enjoy a winter day

Published: Jan. 21, 2022 at 10:19 AM EST
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DYER BROOK, Maine (WAGM) - Southern Aroostook Community Elementary School students are spending time outside this week as part of the WinterKids Winter Games competion. The second graders were having some fun while learning to snowshoe.

(Liam Hardy):” I am having a lot of fun and I just like to have a lot of challenges.”

(Maylee Walker):” It’s really fun and I like to play on the mountain, and I try to balance.”

Ryan Pelletier is in his first year as Phys Ed teach at the Dyer Brook school and he said that this program has been a way to have fun in his students and teach them outdoor winter activities.

(Ryan Pelletier):” This came from the Principal Mrs. Bates. She thought it would bring us together. I am new here and I couldn’t think of a better idea to get to know everyone and work with everyone and it was a no brainer to me.”

Each day there is a different activity for the youngsters and the students seem to be enjoying the time outside. For Hardy it was a chance to snowshoe again.

Hardy:” I snowshoe a little bit, but I haven’t in a long time.”

Walker also told us what her favorite winter activity is.

Walker:” I think it is Ice Skating because I am really good at it.”

This project has brought the community together a volunteer with Millinocket Memorial Library was on hand to help the students learn to snow shoe and another person helped make a skating rink to be used by the students. Pelletier says that the students have been very resilient and are enjoying being outside.

Pelletier:” Participation here is great. The kids are tougher than we give the credit for. They are ready for action and they come up with ideas. Once again I find myself being inspired by them.”

While I was there I noticed a lot of smiles on the students faces.

Walker:” Really really fun.”

Pelletier:” We have our moments where we have to figure that out, but we are making it happen. Our motto right now is to dress properly, assess what it looks like outside. If you are prepared and you are moving you can have a great time in these cold frigid temperatures.”

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