Woodland Students Enjoy the Winter Kids Winter Games

Published: Feb. 11, 2022 at 4:05 PM EST
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WOODLAND, Maine (WAGM) - The winter kids winter games was in full swing yesterday afternoon at the woodland consolidated school

Jennifer Holmes: “winter kids winter games is an awesome competition and there’s over 10,000 across the state of Maine who are competing in these winter games and were one of 22 schools, and woodland school is competing in a four week events, our first week was outdoors and being active, our second week was nutrition, third week was family engagement, and our fourth week is the winter games”.

This was something the works since early fall for woodlands principal Gillian Sleeper and received a lot of support from the teachers and staff at woodland.

“we have an amazing team here at woodland and their were three teachers here that said yes, lets try it, we want to get kids outside and we want them to enjoy this wonderful winter-wonderland that we live in”.

Multiple events were going on today including the three-legged race and the wood chucking which is a unique event in woodland, some of the students at woodland told me about what they did so far.

Elliott Bitker: “I’ve done the hockey and the wood chucking”

Taylor St. Peter: “we’ve got to go sliding down the hill and we’ve got to do the three legged race”.

So out of all of the events going on today, what are there favorites....lets ask them

Abel browning: “my favorite’s tug of war because I’m strong and I keep winning”

Shanya Pelletier: “my favorite was probably building our own snow shoes… cuz it was fun to do and we haven’t done anything like that before”.

Bitker: “the wood chucking because the better you are at it, the harder it gets”.

But its not just the activities that got the kids excited.

Livianna Therruen: “I really like it when we were trying all the new foods, cuz I got to try dragon fruit and ive never tried that and like really been wanting to”.

though the winning prize for these games is 10,000 dollars with smaller prizes for second and third place, the thing that is most important is the kids

Holmes: “we believe here at woodland school that outdoor are active kids, active kids are.. healthy kids… and healthy kids are happy kids and we want are kids to be happy and healthy and outside and enjoying northern Maine winters”.

The kids were enamored with the events and the food that was being given out that included the ever so classic hot chocolate, but one question does remain concerning these games, are the kids having fun.

Therruen- “yes”

Browning- “yes”

Bitker- “absolutely”

Group- “YES!.. Yes.”

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