Fort Kent Coach Looks Back on Long Career as He Prepares to Hang Up the Whistle

Published: Feb. 24, 2022 at 12:58 PM EST
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BANGOR, Maine (WAGM) -

The assistant coach for the Fort Kent Warriors could be coaching his final game this Friday night. Rene Cloukey looks at his long career.

Chad Cyr took over as Fort Kent head coach 3 years ago and Larry Murphy became his right hand man. From playing to coaching, Murphy has been involved in the sport for almost as long as Cyr has been alive. that could be intimidating to a coach that’s in his first varsity position, but there’s a mutual respect between the two of them.

“By no means intimidated by that. I mean, Coach Murph and I have coached this group of kids together, involved with other coaches, Travis Delisle has coached these kids too. Growing up, we’ve all kind of been involved together, so I knew what kind of guy Coach Murph was. we kind of had a friendship before we even started. I would say I was more excited than I was intimidated, that’s for sure.” says Cyr.

“The read and react offense fits our skill set, our boys with their quickness and their hands and their great react with their cutting and quickness was the perfect thing for them. So, I kind of work defensively and he kind of works offensively.” says Murphy.

Murphy played for Caribou back in 1969 when they won the state championship, knows how special the bond is among the teammates.

“It’s an event in our life that bonds us forever and I’m hoping we can provide an event like that for these boys.” says Murphy

He began his varsity coaching career in Allagash in 1978 and has coached in college and high school levels and in Fort Kent has come full circle.

“It’s been exactly 30 years of involvement. This year’s captain, Austin Delisle, is the son of my original captain when I moved across the street from the high school from the college. Travis Delisle was my captain on Senior Night and 30 years later his son is our captain.” says Murphy

Cyr says Murphy is still very competitive and offers suggestions during the game.

“That he understands and tells me on a daily basis before games, ‘Now Coach, I’m going to spurting out stuff in the game, but if you don’t do it I’m not insulted. I understand. I’m just giving you suggestions, which is great to have.” says Cyr.

This is Murph’s final year on the sidelines. He’s hanging up the whistle at the end of the season.

“I’ve got a grandson who’s a senior and he’s the last grandson who’s in high school, except for the triplets that my son Ben has down in Cornish. So when I retire from this varsity team, I’ll be spending time in Cornish working with the triplets and their older sister and we can make athletes out of them.” says Murphy.

“Nothing sweet about it. It’s going to be all bitter. I’m going to miss him. miss him quite a bit.” says Cyr.

Murphy and Cyr will look to keep the ride going when they face Dexter on Friday night.

Rene Cloukey, NewsSource Sports

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