Tournament Week Draws Basketball Fans No Matter Who’s Playing

Published: Feb. 24, 2022 at 12:23 PM EST
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BANGOR, Maine (WAGM) -

Basketball Junkies love this week. While many fans are at the Cross Insurance Center to watch their favorite team others are there for every session. Rene Cloukey talks to three fans with ties to the County who are sitting at mid court for every game.

Basketball junkies show up at many of the tournament games, even if they don’t have or know anyone who’s playing in the game. These three fans have been here all week.

Phil Caverhill, Dick Salminen and Steve Brown have attended every game and plan to do so all week long. They don’t care who wins, they just want to be a part of the experience

”I marked it on the calendar and I come down for the whole session. years ago I used to come for about half of it, but the last 8 or 9 years I’ve come for the whole session, which involves about 42 or 44 ball games.” says Caverhill.

“I’ve got memories of my own saved when I was in high school playing in the tournament. we played in Lewiston back in the ‘50s when I played and I’ve been coming here for about 50 years and the last 30-35 I’ve come to every single game in this tournament. i just love high school basketball when it’s played in this tournament and throughout the state.” says Salminen.

Steve Brown is the newcomer to the group. He is from Madawaska Lake and moved away and is now back and enjoying his time in Bangor

”I was a teacher back in the 70s and I actually brought my freshmen team down to watch some of the games at the Bangor Auditorium figuring that was the only chance I’d get to see big time basketball. And then I moved away and did Armed Fores sports for some 42 years and retired and came back home and now back into my passion for sports.” remarks Brown.

Brown said that he heard about the shortage of officials and got involved working lower level games. The three agree that that they are loving the atmosphere at the Cross Insurance Center.

“It’s not only the basketball, but the people that I’ll meet here this week that I don’t see for probably about a year, and just sitting here at this seat, they’ll walk by, stop and we’ll talk basketball and other things that go on during this tournament.” says Caverhill.

“The competition is great, and no matter if it’s 1 versus 8, the fans are in it. Everybody’s just happy to be out now and mingling and talking and seeing old friends. You may not recognize them above the mask, but once you start talking the life comes back. Wonderful times.” states Brown.

Calverhill and Brown are staying with Salminen in Surry and the million dollar question are the guests behaving

”They’ve been pretty good so far, so maybe they can stay until Sunday.” says Salminen.

Front row seats at the Cross Insurance Center...the perfect week. I’m Rene Cloukey, NewsSource 8.

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