UMPI Softball Has Different Look But Same Goal

Published: Mar. 16, 2022 at 7:21 PM EDT
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PRESQUE ISLE, Maine (WAGM) - Before the UMPI Softball teams season started, Jonathon Eigenmann talked with the team about their thoughts toward this 2022 season and reflection from last year.

Alissa Edwards- “I’m super excited for this season……were Were a different team then we were in the past. We have a lot of underclassmen, So we have a lot of girls that don’t have as much experience as were quite used to but… so far this season, the girls have done such a great job of bonding with one another and really working hard to push themselves to kinda meet new limits and new expectations”.

With the many changes and unknowns about the upcoming season, so what is the mentality of the players going into this season?

Alyssa Merone- : “I think our mentality going in is…you know play our game. We know we have the ability to beat any team in the conference and this season. So…I think our mentality this year is keep playing our game”.

Captain Jordan Hansen also believes along with their mentality heading into the season, they will take the confidence from their play last season

Jordan Hansen- “I feel like from last year to this year, were really like taking in our confidence on the field as like a team overall. We had a lot of like… Tough, close games last year; we have a lot of those games coming up this year too but we’re just going to like prepare even harder to make sure that the outcome comes in our favor this year”.

Last year was an up and down season for the UMPI owls. after starting 1-7, The owls came alive and finished with 14 wins on the year, losing on a playoff tiebreaker to go to the championship. So Coach Edwards thinks a broader focus on softball as a whole will help the team this year.

Alissa Edwards- “We’ve really put a big emphasis on not just softball skills but, on learning the game. Learning all aspects of the game, about you know mental toughness and..different mental strategies to help yourself in game. Composure we’ve talked about quite a bit. And then just really studying the game, watching a lot of…professional games, D-1 games, different situations and stuff like that. So I think that’s going to help us…quite a bit this year”.

Coach Edwards says their game plan despite having a smaller roster is to play as a family and pick each other up, which was reiterated by captain zoe alyward-frank

Zoe Aylward-Frank-” Our main goal is to pick each other up, its been a hard year overall. Not just softball wise but going to school as a student-athlete. So overall for us its kind of just; and we have a smaller team this year too So, our thing this year is to pick each other up and to remember we are doing our best no matter what and to…win NAC”.

The catalyst for this closeness with the team is not only due to a smaller roster but the openness and vulnerability with the players.

Alissa Edwards- “A lot of that comes down to the girls being open and trusting and respecting one another which I think overall this season we’ve done such a great job of. Which hopefully we continue to do that and then that will help us lead to a lot of success this year”.

Though the teams have big expectations for themselves, the goal for right now is keep up what their doing now and take it a day at the time in hopes of this year being a championship winning year.

Jonathon Eigenmann, Newssource sports.

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