Caribou 6th Grade Travel Team Looking to Make Some Noise in the New England Championship

Published: Mar. 18, 2022 at 12:24 PM EDT
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CARIBOU, Maine (WAGM) - For the last two weeks, the Caribou 6th grade travel team has been preparing for the new England championship which start this Friday. The team won the state championship a few weeks ago. I went down to caribou community school and spoke with the coaches and players about their championship win and their season.

Kooper Bell – “it was really good, we didn’t really think we were going to go down to win it. And we played good, we didn’t get down on ourselves….we played one of the hardest teams to get to rhode island, and we beat them and we didn’t think we were…gonna to beat them.

Chandler St. Peter-” Uhhh it was very exciting”

Declan Miller –” it was a team effort and ……it was awesome

the caribou 6th grade travel team won the maine hoops-town team championships in Waterville in late February, now they have a chance to make some noise in the 1st annual new England basketball championship in march. Coach greg miller says though they may be in this position now, it started simple.

Greg Miller- “it just you know started off you know, playing baskeball. The kids want; you know we put together a team, Josh does a really good job organizing, The kids have always been super excited. We’ve joined a couple other tournaments….we had a lot of practices….and we have some scrimmages and eventually we signed up for the big tournament and end up being and were doing all right I guess”.

This is a once in a lifetime experience for many of the players involved, so both coach Bell and Coach Miller say it’s important for the players to enjoy this experience.

Greg Miller- " Biggest thing right now is to go out and have fun. Everyone tells them that and that’s the same thing were telling them, work hard, work as a team, and will have success if you do that…but just have fun mainly”.

And the players have a lot to look forward to in the tournament.

Chandler St. Peter- " Winning…really. But like….idk just hustling and im just….i just need to hustle and all that stuff.

Declan Miller-” to have fun and play our best”.

When asked about the game plan for how their going to play in the tournament, Coach Miller reiterated that the main focus is to have fun

Greg Miller-” We do not know or have any idea what kind of talents down there. There are a lot of good players up in the county that we played and especially when we played in the state tournament, there was some really good talent….some really coached well coached teams. And were hoping that we see kind of the same..because if not, it could be it could be a lot more know…but were hoping for the best anyway”.

The team will play the top teams from Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Vermont from march 18th to the 20th. before they do coach miller is thanking the community and everyone involved for their efforts.

Greg miller- " as far as everyone overall, the community’s been very supportive. We’ve had a lot of donations…Josh has done a really good job organizing the kids. You know, its not like we just take the week of, after winning something like that we got right back into it. The parents…have been very supportive and the kids have worked hard you know and their having fun.

and to put it simply, having fun is what sports are all about, though winning can be a bonus.

Jonathon Eigenmann, Newssource sports.

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