Aroostook Community Matters: ACAP Mobile Unit looks to provide services to rural parts of The County

Published: Mar. 22, 2022 at 9:22 AM EDT
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PRESQUE ISLE, Maine (WAGM) -ACAP has received $650,000 in federal funding for a mobile services unit which will help provide ACAP’s services to more remote areas of the county. In this week’s Aroostook Community Matters, Corey Bouchard learns more about how the mobile services unit will impact the county.

Jason Parent - CEO - ACAP " One of the things that we discovered during the pandemic over the last couple of years, as we moved to more remote services connecting with individuals over the phone, that was very helpful for individuals that were challenged by transportation being able to get to and from and we really hadn’t quite solved that during the pandemic but being able to do it over the phone we did”

Jason Parent, the CEO of ACAP says even though connecting over the phone was very helpful for people, it lacked a certain personal interaction.

Jason “one of the critical pieces and elements that was missing was being able to connect with individuals to do a wellbeing check, so when you had a senior couple coming in for a home energy assistance program, doing that over the phone wasn’t quite as effective as doing it in person when we might be able to assess what other assistance we may be able to provide them or some of our other social service agencies may be able to provide them.”

that’s where the mobile services unit will step in, which Senators Collins and King secured funding for in the omnibus spending bill. Parent says this unit will help bridge the gap between ACAP, and people in rural areas.

Jason” so the mobile services unit allows us to be able to think outside the box literally inside a box of sorts by being able to get to the communities where we don’t have a physical presence, so we can go to the Van Burens and the Mars Hills and the Perhams and the Wades and smaller communities where we do not have the physical presence and in some cases there really isn’t a building where we can borrow space from. So it allows us to really connect with people and meet them where we are at and really be able to connect them with all the programs and services we can offer.

ACAP is still in the early stages of planning for the Mobile Services Unit, But they hope to have it up and running by next summer. Corey Bouchard, Newssource 8.

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