NMCRA Is Back Again For Another Round of Basketball This Weekend

Published: Mar. 23, 2022 at 7:06 PM EDT
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PRESQUE ISLE, Maine (WAGM) -This weekend the presque isle recreations and parks department will host the NMCRA tournament, Friday march 25 and Saturday march 26. Last week was the boys tournament in caribou, this time its the girls turn.

The Presque isle recreation and parks department is hosting the NMCRA girls basketball tournament starting this Friday and ending on Saturday. The boys tournament was held in the caribou rec center last weekend. Andrew Perry, the program director from the Presque Isle Rec and Parks department, says this is the age of growth for many young players.

Andrew Perry- “These kids are really starting to get a grasp on the game, really starting to understand the game of basketball. its still, we consider it still a skill building league but, you know if you watch these 5th and 6th graders play, you starting to really see the game of basketball come out. You know this is the level where we really start kinda holding them to the rules of the game a little bit more and expecting more out of them and they really come through, and put on a good performance”.

And not just in the growth of the skills, also in the life skills of these boys and girls playing in these games

Andrew Perry- " There are life skills to be learned from athletics, that carry through all the way through life, all the way through aspects of your life outside of the athletic world. Teaches you to work together as a team, Teaches you that that comradery of of teamwork. Teaches you how to except winning and losing. Both equally important in life”.

There going to be many more spectators out at the rec center due to relaxed covid restrictions and with these spectators comes excitement and intensity, doesn’t matter if its not a state championship.

Andrew Perry-” Even its you could say its only 5th and 6th grade, its very intense, the competition is very real and the spectators are very vocal. There’s been times in the past where the noise in the gymnasium has been so intense that trying to holler for a timeout has been difficult for the officials to hear. you know it gets real”.

To add onto that, Perry said the community support is just as strong for these boys and girls tournaments

Andrew Perry-” There’s a really good fanbase, there’s a really positive outpouring of support from spectators”.

And with spring coming around, the mood and atmosphere in many people is more jovial as well.

Andrew Perry-” You know were transitioning into spring so people are just excited to be out and about and doing things. There’s that hopefulness kinda back again so its pulling more people out. And it feels like were kind of in a good position in the covid world as well. So your seeing more people that are apt to come out and be spectators and come out and support these kinds of activities”.

It looks to be a good one at the rec center this weekend, all the teams participating are looking to win it all for both themselves and their town.

Jonathon Eigenmann, Newssource sports.

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