Two Fort Kent skiers prepare for U 16 National Alpine Championships.

Published: Mar. 31, 2022 at 1:32 PM EDT
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CARABASSETT VALLEY, Maine (WAGM) - Two St John Valley skiers will be taking part in the U 16 National Alpine Championships this weekend at Sugarloaf.

Carrabassett Valley Academy students Will Roy and Kaden Theriault of Fort Kent have had very successful years on the slopes. The two are now preparing for the U 16 National Championships this weekend at Sugarloaf. Coach Jeff Beauregard says this competition will bring out the best of the best U 16 skiers in the Country.

(Jeff Beauregard):” There are athletes from all over the United States from California to Maine. It’s the best U 16′s in the Country. Will and Kaden are the best male athletes in the State of Maine for the U 16 competition.”

Theriault and Roy went back and forth throughout the year as they battled for titles at several different events both in Maine and throughout the Eastern Region.

Bearegard:” Between Will and Kaden they pretty much won every race throughout the season in all three disciplines. They are strong in slalom, super g and giant slalom. They are completely dominant.”

Over the years skiers from the County have attended Carrabassett Valley Academy and the Alpine Ski Director Sean Chatellard says it’s exciting to have skiers from the St John Valley representing CVA.

(Sean Chatellard):” Being able to have athletes from the north come to us is very important. A lot of athletes up north tend to go to Canada. Very much proud to have these two boys here.”

Kaden Theriault says the key to success has been consistency

(Kaden Theriault):” It was pretty much being consistent at every race. Being the top racers and skiing well at the Eastern’s and qualify for U 16 Nationals.”

(Will Roy):” Going back and forth from the same town. We were neighbors when we were younger too. It’s been a ride.”

The two skiers had a bond before attending CVA, but having another skier from your town making the move to compete and go to school several hours from your home made the transition easier.

Roy:” When we first got here. It was like this is new and then we started having good results I think we push each other every day. That is why we are so successful.”

15 skiers from the East were selected to compete in the U 16 Championship. There were over 600 skiers competing throughout the Northeast. Three CVA skiers qualified and two of them are from one Town, Fort Kent.

Beauregard:” Overall that is probably the most impressive thing. Just the absolute numbers nationwide and then you look at the number of kids who actually qualify.”

This will be the first time the two have competed in the U 16 Nationals. The skiers and coaches goal is to ski the best they can.

Chatellard:” Don’t want to put too much pressure on them. This is their home hill our home hill. They have trained on this for the past two or three years. No pressure, but they know the hill and they are more than ready to do what they need to do to perform well.”

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