Intervention Aroostook: Marijuana 3.22.2022

Intervention Aroostook
Intervention Aroostook
Published: Apr. 6, 2022 at 8:35 AM EDT
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PRESQUE ISLE, Maine (WAGM) -Last night we featured an Intervention Aroostook where a drug prevention program says more awareness needs to happen to educate youngsters about the dangers of marijuana. In part 2 of her report, Shawn Cunningham looks at why its important communities collaborate to get that message out there...

The contradicting information regarding marijuana safety has drug prevention advocates saying its ever more important that parents talk to their kids and have an open discussion on this issue.

Robin Thurston Chair, Drug Free Aroostook/ACAP

“be really upfront not be shy about asking its better to know than to not know and if its being made aware that a youth is using marijuana its important to talk to your child about the risks.”

Shawn Cunningham NO STANDUP


And there are risks according to the CDC. Smoked marijuana, regardless of how it is smoked, can harm lung tissues and cause scarring and damage to small blood vessels.

Smoke from marijuana has many of the same toxins, irritants, and carcinogens as tobacco smoke.

Smoking marijuana can also lead to a greater risk of bronchitis, cough, and mucus.


Thurston says there’s also a huge risk to the brain, and that’s even more detrimental to youth...

“in youth its particularly concerning because the brain is still developing so it just doesn’t know what to do when its hit with a very strong chemical.”

Thurston also acknowledges critics who say if it really posed a harm, why would officials legalize marijuana...and liken it to the legalization and consumption of alcohol.

“I get that question a lot people will say how do you feel about alcohol in bars seems like you embrace that and I say no I don’t its a serious drug it is a depressant and it can cause severe damage to your liver and we know marijuana usage that it can cause severe lung damage.”

Ultimately its important communities collaborate on getting accurate awareness out there about the potential danger of marijuana use...including directly to county youth...

“we are trying to get into the schools and any particular youth group that we can speak to in a very nonjudgmental very fact driven very research informed way.”

But she says anyone wanting more information can reach out to the Drug Free Aroostook via ACAP at 764-3721. Shawn Cunningham, NS 8.

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