Dennis Lavoie prepares for first Boston Marathon

Published: Apr. 12, 2022 at 10:40 AM EDT
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MADAWASKA, Maine (WAGM) - Madawaska’s Dennis Lavoie started running two years ago and it has been full steam ahead since then. He will be on the line in Hopkinton next Monday competing in the Boston Marathon for the first time.

Dennis Lavoie):” I am really looking forward to it. Seeing all the fans on the roads. I will see college students from Wellesley College and Boston College. It is going to be a challenge. The first half of the race I am going to take it easy and be conservative.”

The last two years have been busy for Lavoie. Boston will be his fourth marathon since last June when he ran the Sun Valley Marathon, he followed that up with the Chicago Marathon in October and then the New York City Marathon in November. That is quite an accomplishment for anyone, but it’s even more remarkable for Lavoie who was born with Retinitis Pigmentosa and suffers from hearing loss and limited vision.

Lavoie:” Normal vision is our here for most people, but my vision is down the size of a baseball.”

Lavoie took an early retirement back in 2009 and started walking five miles a day to help him lose weight. It wasn’t that long ago he transitioned from walking to running

Lavoie:” This week is the two year anniversary of running. I picked up running in 2020, I was doing virtual races of 5 kays and 10 kays.”

The runner spent all winter running on a treAdmill and just recently transitioned to running outside

Lavoie:” I started running outside just this week. We had a long winter this year, so all my training has been indoors on the treadmill.”

Lavoie ran track in High School and specialized in shorted distances and hurdles. He said he hated distance running

Lavoie:” Coach Paul German made us run 5 miles so a bunch of seniors would hide at French House and play pool while the underclassmen would come back we would jump back in the crown and run back to school. Instead of running five miles we would run 1 mile.”

The Madawaska runner says he and his guide have not decided on whether they will use a tether to run with or whether they will just side by side, Lavoie wants to take in the experience of the event and also has a goal in mind.

Lavoie:” I would like to pr. My best time is 3:39. I would like to beat that time. That is my goal.”

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